CHARpe Diem!

Who is ready to change the world?  The world below our feet needs help as does the atmosphere surrounding us.  Believe it or not there is a “soil-ution” almost as easy as changing your lightbulbs…only this has a more long lasting impact.  Allow me to introduce you to BIOCHAR (aka Terra Preta), a (relatively) low tech carbon sequestration method that is actually beneficial…unlike some of the other rather scary and expensive sequestration ideas being tested out there.

First let me confess that I am not a scientest – not by a long shot.  I am a mom first and foremost that went seeking some hope for postive climate change mitigation news.  Well I do believe biochar fits that bill.  I am in the process of setting up Finger Lakes Biochar, a local small scale biochar production company focused on coverting agricultural waste, maybe even forestry waste as I live near a community college with a kick-ass Woodsmen Team that generates rather a lot of that, into biochar.

As time allows, I will be updating this site with various information that I hope will help inspire others to learn about it, use it properly and help spread the word.  But I warn you I, like most other moms, am juggling so posting may be somewhat less than regular.

CHARpe Diem! Make your soils excellent!  (Who can name the movie this is ripping off!)