Kon-Tiki Kiln

Finger Lakes Biochar

the official source for Kon-Tiki kilns in the USA

PRICE: $995

Pick up only! No longer shipping.

NEW Tilt version available for $1,150. Pictures available upon request.

Advantages of the Kon-Tiki:

Allows you to easily and cleanly carbonize unloved and/or unwieldy biomass including yard debris, vine & orchard prunings, pomace, etc.
  • Creates significant amounts of biochar quickly : 5+ cubic feet in under 2 hours (depending on feedstock).
  • Quick payback period: many commercial biochars sell for $30 – $50 per cubic foot and shipping fees can be high so the Kon-Tiki can pay for itself after several uses.
  • Off-set your personal or farm carbon footprint while cleaning up yard waste, invasive species or diseased prunings.
  • Can be safely quenched from the bottom up with the ability to utilize the highly alkaline quench water for different purposes.
  • Generates significant heat which can be used for cooking, boiling, distilling and more.
  • Fits in the back of a small pick-up truck.
Phone: 585 737 7282
Email: draper@ithaka-institute.org
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