Educate the Masses

So how does one go about getting the word out about the benefits of biochar to a world where approximately 99.9% of the world has yet to even hear the word?  On top of that this biochar thing is actually not as simple as it appears since people are going to label everything they can burn as ‘biochar’ as soon as everyone thinks it’s the next great thing for the planet.  Well my fellow charistas, this is where you come in.  You will have to become biochar mavens, educators and dare I say “CHARvangelist!  [Think Gandhi: ‘You must “B” the change…I’m pretty sure he was channeling biochar when he came up with that anyway.] 

The good news is that there are an increasing number of people, websites and books that can help you get up to speed. I have to tell you that the biochar world attracts some seriously smart, eclectic, fun and really helpful people…so come on, join us!  We need your help!

Before you can go out and educate the masses, I find it helps to know a little something about the subject matter yourself.  My first introduction to biochar was from Chris Goodall’s book “Ten Technologies to Save the Planet”.  This is a good, high-level overview on the topic.  There are several other books out there which provide solid information on biochar from different perspectives.  [If I figure out how to link to Amazon someday I’ll add that but for now you’ll have to settle for text!]  “The Biochar Debate” by James Bruges is a quick read which touches on many of the main points: history, science, pilot schemes and the murky and somewhat controversial subject of carbon credits.  “The Biochar Revolution” edited by Paul Taylor is for those that REALLY want to get to the nuts and bolts of both the science and the technology of creating biochar.  Another good book, written by Alan Bates is called “The Biochar Solution”.  I have a few more that are still in my Amazon queue to read but I think these should suffice to get you all moved off the ‘novice’ category.  Really in the current world where hardly anyone knows anything about biochar, you’d be right up there in the quasi-expert category!!