Carbon Planner – Biochar Specialist

Carbon PlannerBased on some of the stuff I’ve been learning and doing over the past year, I decided to design the ultimate fantasy/future biochar related job and have bestowed upon it the title of “Carbon Planner – Biochar Specialist”.  I could see this working at all sorts of levels including municipal, state or federal government, corporations or even at college campuses.  I would really love to see this kind of role catch fire…er, take off that is.

Job Description

Using GHG emissions benchmarks for (city, county, company, campus, etc.), develop strategies for ambitious annual emission offsets and reductions using biochar.  Collaborate with generators of underutilized biomass to determine viability for biochar production, optimal end use, including quantification of economic and environmental impacts.  Liaise with federal, state and local government agencies (e.g. FEMA, Soil & Water Conservation Agency, DEC, etc.) to prioritize uses of biochar including but not limited to: ameliorate brown fields, augment carbon levels in depleted soils, reduce or replace the use of products which cause high carbon emissions (e.g. activated carbon, fertilizer, concrete, etc.).  Prioritize end use markets according to geographic proximity, GHG impact and environmental improvement.  Working with academia, keep abreast of potential new uses for biochar, best practices for applications and regional issues for consideration. Maximize all related co-products from biochar production including thermal energy, bio-oil, syngas.


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