About Us

Finger Lakes Biochar is focused on creating high quality designer biochar blends using local agricultural waste.  We are creating an annual on-farm waste conversion model where agricultural waste is converted into tailored, high value added products that improve farm viability.  In addition, we have crafted assessment tools to understand the potential financial and environmental impact that biochar may provide to farmers. Higher plant yield, reduced need for fertilizer, improved water management, filtration of toxins and optimized use of ‘waste’ are some of the benefits that farmers can expect from using biochar.

For those looking to farm sustainably, biochar is an excellent soil management technique which can substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to traditional agricultural practices.  Our closed loop system of converting a farm’s own waste stream into soil enhancement and nutrient containment products maximizes the carbon negative impact of the biochar produced.

Our initial focus is on vineyards in the Finger Lakes but we will be working with orchards in the near future as well.

Since most people still fall into the ‘what the heck is biochar?’ category, we are also dedicated to answering that question in plain English without the usual sales lingo.  Ideally we would like to inspire others to create their own local biochar production capability using the most sustainable business model possible.

Finger Lakes Biochar is working with other small scale biochar producers in a ‘holonic’ manner; meaning although we are each discrete organizational entities we are also part of a greater effort to promote the sustainable production and use of biochar around the globe.  We believe this can be accomplished more quickly through collaboration and by leveraging the strengths, skills and interests of many different individuals.  If you are of like mind, reach out and let us know!